Respect and discipline must be upheld at all times between each team player and the personel during the activities inside the arena.

Foul language will not be tolerated from players, personel or parents.


Pushing/shoving, teasing and fights are restricted.

After a game, players must be discplined when heading to the dressing room.

All players must shake hands with the opposing team after each game.

No alcool or Energy Drink (Red Bull, Monster, Hype, Rockstar) will be tolerated.

Locker Room

If possible, players must dress themselves.

For the MAGH, Novice and Atome categories, parents are allowed in the room to help the players to get dressed. Unless otherwise mentioned, to avoid possibly injuries, it is restricted to wander once the full equipement is on.

The locker rooms are kept unlocked.

HOCKEY4FUN is not responsible for any loss or stolen items.


All players will be completely dressed with their hockey gear.

The neck guard is mandatory on the ice. If a player does not wear it, he won't play.

On the Ice

To avoid injuries, slap shots are not permitted. Penalties will result in penalty shots. Violent gestures and stick hits will result in a game expulsion. Any subsequent offence or any tentative for enjury will cause an immediate expulsion for the remaining games of the season, without any refund. For any


All HOCKEY4FUN jerseys are the property of HOCKEY4FUN.

A jersey will be lent to the player during play time et should be returned in proper form following the last game.

Period for balancing the teams

To ensure that all teams are well balanced, the HOCKEY4FUN team has the rights to switch players during the first 4 games.

We ask full collaboration from the parents and players to accomodate these changes.

Absence at the games

If possible we would appreciate being notified 48 hours in advance for any absence to the games, especially for the goalies.

Games will not be reimbursed.